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The Purpose of Our Company is to contribute to the sector with our Independent Audit, Tax Audit, Tax Refund and other services.

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AG is an Independent Audit and Certified Public Accountant firm with many years of experience in the audit industry.

Today, with  developments of communication technology, the scope of e-commerce is expanding rapidly. Especially in big cities, there is no one who is not aware of the value of time. Just like in the trade of goods, it is possible to purchase some needed services faster, more reliably and more economically on the internet. The establishment purpose of AG is to provide the required information and service in financial matters with a predetermined tariff; in a reliable and satisfactory manner, at a reasonable price in time.  The company partners are the members of the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants. The services provided by our partners are within the scope of professional liability as stated in the AG Customer Agreement. Therefore, our customers can enjoy the service quality and experience that our company has developed over the years with peace in mind.

Our company is capabale of serving in all sectors. The main sectors we serve are; financial leasing companies, manufacturing and mining industry, construction, textile, all kinds of production activities, trade, all kinds of domestic purchase and sale, import and export activities, other service sectors, software, consultancy, internet services, etc. activities.

AG Audit Services primarily includes consultancy on application of tax laws as well all the other matters that legally require official confirmation by certified public accountants.

Full certification of income and corporate taxes, special tax revision services, also independent audit operations regulated by Capital Market Law and Turkish Commercial Code and supervised by Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority are all carried out by AG Audit.


In hourly-works, the customer demanding opinion is notified about the required work hours and the fee depending on the work hours; In non-hourly works, the customer is notified about the calculated fee on our pricing list and the time of delivery. The work is accepted after client approval and the payment. If the work is not delivered on time, a 20% discount is applied for each day of delay. If there is a delay of more than 3 working days, the fee will be refunded at the request of the customer.

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