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With this service we offer to our exporting corporate customers, we ensure that indirect taxes such as excise or sales taxes are collected only in the country where the goods are consumed, not twice in both the country of origin and destination. We also ensure tax fairness by avoiding double taxation.

How Does Tax Refund Work?

After deducting the taxes deducted during the year from the tax calculated in the annual declaration, it is possible to allocate the remaining part to other tax liabilities. When the application is made with the relevant deduction petition, the deduction process is carried out regardless of the amount, without seeking an audit report and guarantee.

What is Tax Refund?

Tax refund is the partial or complete refund of the taxes previously collected from them to the taxpayers for administrative, social and economic reasons and in order to implement a fair tax application.

How to Get Tax Refund?

As AG audit, we strengthen the financial structure of our corporate customers with our Tax Refund Service. A tax refund is defined as the repayment of some or all of the tax collected to the taxpayer or a financial transfer to sectors that contribute to the increase in tax collection. Indirect taxes borne by the goods exported up to the export stage are refundable.