Can I Bring A Truck Of Tomatoes To Our Street And Sell Them?

Dear Reader, IS IT POSSIBLE TO SELL VEGETABLES AND FRUITS TO CITIZENS FROM THE WHOLESALE STATE THAT I wrote in 2008? first of all, thank you for the question you asked about my article.

If you have read this article and still have new questions, it means that the problem is still ongoing.

Can Vegetables and Fruits be Sold to Citizens from their Wholesale Status? In our article titled, We emphasized that the law on Wholesale States should be updated, and this is not possible with the current law.

As you mentioned; “CAN WE BRING A TRUCK OF TOMATOES TO OUR STREET AND SELL THEM? ” I wanted to give a nice answer to your question (like YES). I would at least like to have the answer that you would like. Unfortunately, I have to say NO.

As a citizen, if you buy 1 Truck of tomatoes from Antalya and try to Sell these tomatoes on a street in Istanbul, you will be subject to Taxes and Penalties both by Municipal police (from opposition to the State Law No. 80) and by the Revenue Administration (due to the lack of a Tax Record).

But those who are taxpayers, it is possible to buy a truck tomato and sell it in their own grocery store or store. That’s what’s already happening.

In order not to pay for most of the products in the Municipality, large grocery chains bring trucks full of vegetables and fruits to their grocery stores and set the price as they want, allowing them to shape the price in the market.

In addition, the opening of Tent Greengrocers, which Municipalities will also do without establishing fixed Sundays, is Unfair Competition against Tradesmen, and increases Tax loss and evasion in terms of Tax and Document order.

Our suggestion is that Municipalities should establish Fixed Sundays. Thus, municipalities create fixed Sunday shops that pay their taxes and create places where Citizens can shop for 7 days. This is a realistic solution to offer inexpensive vegetables and fruits to the citizen.

As a result, if we want to regulate the vegetable and fruit trade in the country, we need to update the Municipal State Law and make it suitable for the Millennium Era. In addition, Producers should unite among themselves within the framework of Cooperative logic, Dec them to market the products themselves and be allowed to carry out the processes themselves until they become finished products. All of these activities of cooperatives should be covered by Tax Exemption. Tax Exemptions should be introduced for Producer Cooperatives and legal obstacles to their ability to produce should be removed.

Otherwise, someone will close the vegetables and fruits on the market before there is a crop in the garden, and producers will receive little income, and consumers will have to buy expensive products.


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