Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

AG services cover all the subjects that are required to be approved by Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants in various laws, especially consultancy related to the implementation of tax laws. Income and corporate tax full certification, special tax revision services required by our customers and independent audit activities to be carried out within the framework determined by the Public Oversight Agency under both the Capital Market Law and the Turkish Commercial Code can be carried out within the scope of AG. Social security and customs legislation is not within our scope of service.

Our company has the ability to serve in all sectors. The main sectors we serve are; financial leasing companies, manufacturing and mining industry, construction, mining, textile, all kinds of production activities, trade, all kinds of domestic purchase and sale, import and export activities, other service sectors, software, consultancy, internet services, etc. activities.

Today, with the developments in communication technology, the scope of e-commerce is expanding rapidly. Especially in big cities, there is no one who does not know the value of time. Just like in the trade of goods, it is possible to purchase some needed services faster, more reliably and more economically on the internet. The purpose of establishment of AG is to provide the required information and service in financial matters in a reliable and satisfactory manner, on time, at a reasonable price with a predetermined tariff. Company partners are members of the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants. The services provided by our company through its partners are within the scope of professional responsibility, as stated in the AG customer agreement. For these reasons, our customers can benefit from the service quality and experience that our company has developed over the years, with peace of mind.

Hours of work required to respond to the customer who asks for opinion in hourly works via the AG platform and the corresponding fee; In non-hourly works, the cost of the work requested to be done in our pricing list and the delivery time of the work are reported. The job is accepted after client approval and payment are provided. If the work is not delivered on time, a 20% discount is applied for each day of delay. If there is a delay of more than three business days, the fee will be refunded at the request of the customer.

Our company makes a commitment on when the service will be completed in the acceptance of the job, and demonstrates the seriousness of the issue with practices such as discounts or refunds from the contractual fee for the works that are not delivered on time.

Unless the agreed service type requires on-site inspection, our applications are carried out on the internet. It is a professional necessity for our inspection team to work at the customer’s workplace in matters that require on-site inspection.

Financial advisory services are calculated hourly, both in Turkey and abroad. The customer and the service provider agree on the estimated hours at the start of the job based on their own experience. It is very easy and understandable to charge the service over the announced hourly rate.
The annual minimum wage tariff prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants is taken into account in the services provided. The said tariff is published in the Official Gazette every year. Considering the market conditions and the tariff in the pricing of the certified public accountant service over the years, it will be seen that the pricing is reasonable.

Our company is responsible for the accuracy of the answers prepared according to the information provided by the customers. When the customer claims in writing that the answer given is incorrect or substantially incomplete, either in person or based on the written opinion of another Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant, this complaint is evaluated by the company within 3 days. If the customer is justified in his complaint, the fee is immediately refunded on the fourth working day following the day the complaint is submitted to our company. When it is stated by us that the customer is not right, it is possible for the customer to request an arbitrator from the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants. The arbitral award is final and the parties must abide by it. The unfair party pays the costs of the arbitrator. If the customer proves that he has suffered damage due to the wrong answer, the loss is compensated, not exceeding 10 times the fee received. The claim of damage is notified to the company; If it is justified, the loss is compensated by the company within 30 days. If the company does not accept the damage claim, it is also possible for the customer to request an arbitrator from the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants. The arbitrator’s decision is final; the wrongful party pays the fee.

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