Income Tax Full Certification Service

Gelir Vergisi Tam Tasdik Hizmeti

Income Tax Full Certification Service… The increasing interest of tax offices in people with high income following recent innovations in laws and regulations expands the demands of private companies and their owners to understand and determine their tax liabilities and financial risks in many aspects. As AG Audit Asset Management and Individual Tax Consultancy; we have long experience in examining the complex relationships between business owners, family businesses and their employees. We offer special status companies and their owners an opportunity to take advantage of their possible tax liabilities and to make decisions regarding various business relationships and personal assets. Besides, we advise on changes in ever-changing economic and tax conditions acting as a business partner so that we could resolve your disputes with tax authorities.

As AG Audit, we also offer tax consultancy services for our customers who are liable taxpayers. We design a roadmap to follow for our corporate customers regarding the tax legislation which is quite complicated in our country. Thus, we aim to provide effective and reliable results to our customers in light of the requirements of the Turkish laws and regulations in force. In line with the reports we prepared as a result of our tax audit service,  we aim to examine the compliance of the activities of our corporate customers with the current legislation and detect tax risks. We also present tax plans for the future.

The tax consultancy services we offer as AG Audit are related the following laws:

  • Tax Procedural Law
  • Corporate Tax Law
  • Income Tax Law
  • Value Added Tax Law
  • Special Consumption Tax Law
  • Stamp Tax Law

In light of these laws, it is aimed to ensure tax savings from the Incentive Legislation and Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements.

What is Income Tax?

Income tax; It is a type of tax levied on the income of real persons, that is to say, non-company persons who can acquire legal rights and exercise authority. Income is the total amount of net earnings and profits gained by a natural person in a calendar year.

When is Income Tax Payable?

Income Tax is paid in two instalments. If the income does not consist only of commercial earnings determined by the simple method, the first instalment is paid by the end of March whereas the second is paid by the end of July.

If the income consists only of commercial earnings determined by the simple method, the first instalment is paid until the end of February and the second instalment is until the end of the month.

Income Tax Full Certification service

Corporate Tax or Income Tax Full Certification is the service of confirming that the financial statements and declarations of real or legal persons or enterprises comply with accounting principles and standards and are examined according to auditing standards. The general purpose of the service is to ensure conformity to ”the principle of public interest” by examining the accuracy of the Corporate Tax or Income Tax to be paid.

In addition to reducing the risk of a possible tax inspection held by public institutions, the certification service allows for early detection and correction of misstatements. It also contributes to the company’s tax planning whilst it is minimizing the tax cost. For this reason, the audit and certification service we offer promises significant benefits in the correct implementation of the law and enables enterprises to benefit from their legal rights and advantages in a best way.

What is the 2022 Income Tax Schedule? 2022 Income Tax Rates and Income Tax Tranches

Quantity Tax Rate
Up to 32,000 TL %15
4,800 TL for 32,000 TL of 70,000 TL, more %20
12.400 TL for 70.000 TL of 170.000 TL (12.400 TL for 70.000 TL of 250,000 TL in wage income) %27
39,400 TL for 170,000 TL of 880,000 TL (61,000 TL for 250,000 TL of 880,000 TL in wage income), surplus 35%
287.900 TL for 880.000 TL of more than 880.000 TL (281.500 TL for 880.000 TL of more than 880.000 TL in wage income), excess %40

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