Overseas Visa Procedures

Yurt Dışı Vize İşlemleri

Overseas Visa Procedures

Overseas Visa Procedures, Visa Application procedures vary according to the country of application. In order to get a visa from a country, you must first choose the type of visa that suits you and submit the documents requested by the consulate in appropriate ways.

In our country, many visa applications are rejected for reasons such as incorrect or incompletely filled forms, inappropriate document submission, and improper translation of documents. You can minimize your visa refusal risk by making a complete application by taking the professional and high quality visa consultancy service of our business partner Aden Global Consulting.

How to Get a Visa? Where to Apply for a Visa?

A visa is a permission from official authorities to go to a foreign country. To go abroad for vacation or business purposes, a visa must be obtained as a priority. Since many countries require a visa from the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, it is necessary to prepare the visa application documents according to the purpose of travel and to make the visa application at least one month in advance.

There are multiple answers to the question of where to apply for a visa. To get a fast visa, you can call our business partner Aden Global customer representatives, get information about the visa conditions of the country you want to go to and get the visa application process immediately. you can start.

Visa Processing

Visa applications should be made from the nearest place of residence. Visa applications can be made individually to consulates as well as by visa consultancy firms and all visa processes can be managed. If you do not have time to spare for the elaborate and exhausting processes of visa procedures, you can get support from a reliable and expert visa consultancy firm.

Required Documents for Visa

In order to apply for a visa and get a visa, you first need to prepare some documents. Different documents may be requested for each visa application. Call our customer representatives to find out what visa documents you need to prepare according to the country you are going to and the type of visa. We have compiled the generally required visa documents for you below:

  1. Passport
  2. Biometric photo
  3. Certified birth certificate sample
  4. Bank statement
  5. Proof of residence
  6. Proof of professional status
  7. Marriage certificate for those who are married

If you want to get European visa, before you start preparing your documents, consult our customer representatives who are experts in their fields to get information about European visa requirements. Schengen visa companies include Euroasia GVS. After the Schengen visa documents are prepared, you can apply for a Schengen visa by us and get your visa quickly.

Travel health insurance, hotel and flight reservations are also required for international travel.

Making a Visa Appointment

Our officials will take the visa appointment necessary for visa procedures as soon as possible for you. They will also personally accompany you during the visa appointment.

How Long Does the Visa Take?

The duration of obtaining a visa varies according to the country of visa application, the purpose of the visa and the date of travel. Depending on the density of the consulates and holidays, the visa periods may be extended.

Although our company is specialized in visa-obtaining, it is up to the consulates whether the visa is issued or not. In order for the visa not to be rejected, it is necessary to complete the documents completely.

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