Personnel SGK Transactions Consultancy

Personel SGK İşlemleri Danışmanlığı

Personnel SGK Transactions Consultancy, Every company and business that employs employees must comply with the legal requirements of the country in which they are located. Of course, it is clear that services within the framework of Personnel SGK Transactions Consultancy are needed to comply with this legal procedure. At this point, you can make the best use of the work of our company, which has many years of knowledge and experience in corporate SGK consultancy services. Because it is extremely important to take the right steps in this area where there are very heavy legal penalties. The rights of workers and employers established within the framework of Law No. 5510 and their implementation and follow-up are carried out under the control of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Personnel SGK Transactions Consultancy

It is of great importance for Human Resources to follow, correctly understand and interpret the changes made in the Labor and Social Security Legislation.

It offers fast and clear solutions to ensure that companies are ready for these changes and possible official audits; With its expert staff and technological infrastructure, it makes a difference in the Corporate SGK Consultancy service by making the business processes of employers comply with the legislation.

The personnel provides professional services for the detection of errors and deficiencies regarding the processing of personal data, the correct interpretation and implementation of the legal legislation.

SGK Consultancy; Personnel files and related documents, audits, disputes between the employee and the employer, transactions related to the discipline of Personnel Management, transactions related to labor law and social security, applications, correspondence, payments and deductions, wage control, incentive applications, notifications to official institutions . control, accounting, accounts, personnel records, expense control, labor practices and minimum. Our professional staff is your strong solution partner for SGK Consulting.

Secure Business Operations with Corporate SGK Consulting Services

The law on the protection of the material and moral rights of employees undoubtedly brings many responsibilities, especially for businesses. For this reason, it is of vital importance for companies to carry out a safe commercial activity by obtaining corporate SGK consultancy services. Of course, these consultancy services, which contain detailed and comprehensive information, also include premium incentive applications as per the additional article 16. And also;

  • Retirement proceedings
  • Personal rights
  • Issues related to work accident or occupational disease
  • Minimum labor calculations
  • Social security training applications
  • Human resources and planning
  • Workplace training and information
  • Individual retirement
  • Overseas borrowing
  • Agriculture withholding
  • Combination of services
  • Birth or military service debt
  • SSK or Bond-Set up transactions
  • KOSGEB loan legislation consultancy

You can get many awareness-raising services such as SGK consultancy from our organization.

Social Security Legislation is Constantly Renewed

The Social Insurance and Security Legislation is constantly updated in order to be constantly renewed according to the emerging needs and to meet these needs. Therefore, it is of great importance for businesses to follow these innovations and fulfill their legal responsibilities. Working life, especially SGK consultancy Our organization provides professional support to businesses in all matters related to You can also use our support lines 24/7 to add value to your company, to find solutions to the problems you encounter regarding your employees’ personal rights, to learn about the insurance incentives you can benefit from, and for other questions about the labor market.

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