R&D Projects and Support Returns

Arge Projeleri ve Destek İadeleri

R&D Center Consultancy

Projects and Support for R&D Returns are creative endeavours carried out consistently to advance R&D, technological and scientific knowledge, and to use knowledge in new applications (product, process). On the other hand, innovation describes a collection of scientific, technological, financial, and business actions intended to turn an idea into a better, newer, or more effective and marketable product or process.

The goal of the 1501 Industry R&D Support Program is to aid small and medium-sized businesses in their project-based R&D development and innovation efforts (SMEs). The 1501 Industry R&D Support Program is implemented after receiving the call. Grants are used as the primary type of assistance (non-refundable).

There is no restriction on the subject matter of projects unless specifically indicated in the call notice. Applications from all industries and technological domains are welcome for R&D initiatives. The call notice specifies the project support duration, which is limited to 36 months per the program’s implementation principles. In the call announcements, it is specified what the project’s budget cap, the maximum number of submissions, and other specific requirements are.

As AG Audit, we offer services in all facets of the R&D concept, assess the R&D endeavours of our clients, create the organizational framework and operational procedures of the R&D division, and support the projects they anticipate receiving help for.

Research and Development (R&D) activities are an extremely critical group of activities for our companies and our country. Managers need to improve their R&D activities to increase the competitiveness of their businesses and to reach new market areas. Due to this importance, R&D projects are highly supported by state and international funds.

We support companies in all processes from the creation of the R&D and Innovation culture to the establishment of this department, and we offer project ideas to companies that have difficulty producing projects with our experts and academics.

Companies that will benefit from these supports should develop their R&D capabilities and produce qualified R&D projects. We stand by our customers with the services we provide with our wide and qualified consultant staff.

In terms of projects, we first analyze the project issue in detail for our customers. Companies that complete the processes can receive a significant amount of R&D Support (grant) thanks to TÜBİTAK-TEYDEP, KOSGEP and National Industrial R&D Projects Support Programs.

Which Services Do We Provide To Our Customers Regarding The Project?

We serve our customers in two stages:

  • Project preparation services,
  • Project sustainability services.

Project Preparation Services:

  • Preliminary analysis of the project idea, its suitability to the relevant support program and the infrastructure of the institution;
  • Incentive planning analysis of the project in terms of financial and other support programs;
  • Preparation of the project plan, file preparation and writing services;
  • Creating and planning project work packages;
  • Project Application services;
  • Providing staff training;
  • Preparation of project presentations, preparation for audit and presentation;
  • Execution of the Evaluation and Project contract process.

Project Sustainability Services:

  • Project management, execution and monitoring services;
  • Reporting services;
  • Monthly Progress Reports etc.;
  • Work Packages Progress Reports;
  • Semester Reports;
  • Financial and financial reports;
  • Financial Advisory Services for project incentives;
  • Preparing for Audience Audit;
  • Preparation of Project Final Report.

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