Company Merger Transactions Consultancy

Şirket Birleşme İşlemleri Danışmanlığı

Company Merger Transactions Consultancy, Mergers Advisory is one of the most complex activities an organization can undertake, bringing companies through mergers and acquisitions, or dissolving them through separation and liquidation. AG Audit is the only professional services firm that can advise strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors at every stage of merger and acquisition projects. As AG Audit, we provide companies with services that create value and meet their needs, from the determination of the strategy to the selection of the right partner, from the comprehensive due diligence to the signing of the agreement.

AG Audit is one of the largest teams in the field of mergers and acquisitions in Turkey and does not have a superior mandate to provide full-scale consulting services for both buyer and seller parties with industry expertise and transaction experience, which they will need at all stages of the acquisition process.

As part of our Due Diligence and Transaction Advisory services, we offer comprehensive services in the following areas.

Company Merger Transactions Consultancy

In the globalizing world, companies are following different methods in order to grow and not to fall behind this trend. The most important of these is company mergers and acquisitions, which have a very important added value in today’s economy. With inorganic growth, companies can increase their competitiveness through strategic and financial partnerships and investments. However, in this process, the relationship established with the right investor or the right investment opportunity and the management of this process are of great importance. As AG Audit, thanks to our global and local corporate relations and network, we understand the expectations of the buyer or seller in this process, and we are with you in the entire process, from identifying the right investment opportunity and investor designed in line with these demands, to signing partnership or share sale agreements.

Company Mergers and Acquisitions

In merger and acquisition projects of companies, we ensure that the process is managed effectively by identifying the most suitable partnership model and partner candidates for our customers, with our unique experience, wide network of relations and deep sectoral knowledge.

Partnership models

Strategic Partnerships:

These partnerships with other domestic or foreign companies doing the same or similar jobs with them are long-term processes in character. The purpose of strategic partnerships; To create synergy is to benefit from the financial strength of the partner firm, its ability to access different markets and its technical know-how.

Financial Partnerships:

The purpose of such partnerships formed by private equity and venture capital funds by investing in companies; To accelerate and enrich the business plan of the company with the funds transferred, to realize the planned investments immediately, to increase profitability and to ensure growth. Financial partners are limited-term investors by nature and may exit after a while.

Seller Consulting

  • Determining the strategy and planning the process
  • Performing firm valuation
  • Establishing the partnership model in technical, financial and legal terms
  • Preparations for the promotion
  • Starting contacts with potential partners
  • Creating the necessary negotiation ground by coordinating the sub-consultants
  • Detailed negotiation process with potential partners
  • Evaluation of offers

Buyer-Party Consulting

  • Following the procurement process from the other side of the negotiating table
  • Analysis and valuation studies
  • Submission of binding and non-binding offers
  • Providing support for purchase and post-purchase financing

Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy

As Tacirler Investment, we provide consultancy services to our customers on mergers and acquisitions, as a consultant to the buyer or seller, to manage the process on behalf of our customers, and to our customers on the process, financial issues, company valuation and buying / selling strategies.

Our expert teams with experience in different sectors and fields of expertise support companies in determining and implementing growth strategies in terms of transaction and capital management.

 Our activities related to mergers and acquisitions

  • Research and Goal Setting,
  • Company Transfer,
  • Company Merger,
  • Company Sale,
  • Joint Venture,
  • Includes International Mergers and Acquisitions.

 We provide the following services to the Seller:

  • Company detailed review,
  • Preparation of valuation report,
  • Preparation of promotional documents,
  • Creating a potential investor profile,
  • Preparation of investor presentations,
  • To support the preparation of legal documents

We provide the following services to the buyer.

  • Company detailed review,
  • Preparation of valuation report,
  • Conducting negotiations with the seller,
  • Creating the financing structure,
  • Financing.

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