Company Restructuring (Reorganization)

Şirket Yeniden Yapılanması (Reorganizasyonu)

Company Restructuring (Reorganization)…

A company-specific restructuring process should be used according to a roadmap determined by the actual analysis performed by the company. In the restructuring process, our main objective is to provide companies with job descriptions, duties, powers and responsibilities, distribution of responsibilities and powers, communication and approval mechanisms, restructuring – inter-unit restructuring consulting services, internal audit system It is to provide establishment and management. .

Company Restructuring (Reorganization)

From time to time, institutions discuss areas of activity, opportunities for improvement, business process requirements, changes in management approaches, etc. they change. For whatever reason, the existing organizational structure needs to be changed and restructured. This need may be related to a particular field of activity, a particular function, etc. your facility. In some cases, it can even be an organization-wide requirement.

In any case, the purpose is;

  • Compliant with the current business model and long-term goals and strategies of the institution,
  • Describing clearly the sharing of duties, authorities and responsibilities regarding the processes,
  • Supporting information flow, communication and cooperation,
  • Providing meaningful assignments to current and potential employees
  • To construct and implement an organizational structure.

The correct creation and effective implementation of such an organization has a decisive role in terms of the current performance and future of the institutions.

According to my experience gained from nearly 30 restructuring projects in different sectors where I worked as a Management Consultant, the main issues to be considered in order for the restructuring project to be carried out in a healthy way are as follows:

  • Start by clarifying the main purpose of your Reconstruction project
  • Consider the needs and expectations of all stakeholders when constructing your new organization
  • Stay the balance between your present and anticipated future needs
  • Consider traceability and accountability principles
  • Determine the scope and boundaries of the positions, taking into account the integrity of the jobs and the competencies required
  • Take a balance between tasks that require short-term and long-term focus
  • Question the possible effects of your structure on critical business processes
  • Create a detailed commissioning plan
  • Ensure that all employees embrace the new organization’s goals and principles
  • Do all this as soon as possible

Reorganization – Restructuring

The rules established in the previous period become almost unassailable as they ossify over time. But change is the only inevitability in the business world, and static organizational structures are not enough to keep up with changing dynamics.

Restructuring – Restructuring; It is a reform study of management and process flows that enables the company to achieve the desired organizational structure so that it can move forward towards its goals and keep pace with this change. As part of these studies, an appropriate management model is designed considering the organization’s current situation, processes and inefficiencies.
As Change Dynamics, we provide Restructuring-Reorganization Consulting by identifying flexible models and intermediate forms so that you can transition to the most valuable structures for your organization without experiencing the pain of change. .

Current Situation Analysis

Problems and areas of inefficiency related to current organizational and business process functionality are identified. Organizational structures are scrutinized with principles of functional consistency and cross-checking, and problems such as repetitive areas of responsibility, vacancies, unclear or unnecessary hierarchies, poor delegation, and complex title structures are analyzed. All detections are reported to the facility.

Design of Target Structure

After analyzing the vision, strategic plan, and company goals, an organizational model is created that includes the tools and solutions to problem areas that will guide the company into the future. These solutions are: Departmental responsibilities include allocating resources to different departments, structuring positions, number of employees and units, workload, and vertical and horizontal jurisdictional changes.

Change Management

This step gradually transitions to structures formed by combining all solutions. Intermediate steps are defined and multiple migrations are planned for the long term to minimize losses from a single difficult migration. Based on the feedback received during the transition, the ideal structure is periodically revised to become a healthy and mature structure.

Companies often need to reorganize on a regular basis. If your business is struggling in one or more of the following areas, it may be time to consider restructuring.

  • alienation of competitive environment and conditions
  • Change of your customer base and demands
  • Employee qualifications do not match staffing requirements
  • Growing or shrinking your organization
  • Low performance and turnover
  • Merger and separation with another institution
  • Entering new sectors and fields
  • Recurring negative process outcomes
  • Low performance indicators
  • The uncertainty of the equation of responsibility
  • Due to more stations and prolongation of work

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