Fraud and Corruption Control Consulting

Hile ve Yolsuzluk Denetimi Danışmanlığı

Fraud and Corruption Control Consulting…

It includes possible transaction and accounting corruption in companies, beyond criminal sanctions, especially company partners; It also harms the state, creditors and parties that have a commercial relationship with the enterprise.

In addition, the fact that the financial statements are not prepared in accordance with the accounting procedures determined by the law and are different from the actual financial situation of the enterprise may cause significant losses.

In this context, we conduct audit studies with comparative controls by examining the legal book records and documents of companies, interviewing with employees, third parties and other interested parties, and making data analysis on the information obtained.

What is Cheat Check?

The purpose of fraud checks is to uncover fraud and corruption committed by company employees and managers, how to prevent recurrence, set up protection systems, and clarify considerations to protect the company. Resources from fraud and corruption.

Fraud and Corruption Control Consulting

Potential corporate dealings and accounting corruption go beyond criminal sanctions, especially by corporate partners. It also harms the state, creditors, and parties doing business with the company. In addition, the fact that the financial statements are not prepared in accordance with the accounting methods required by law and differ from the actual financial position of the company can result in significant losses.

In this context, comparative and contrasting audit research is conducted by examining corporate legal records and documents, interviewing employees, third parties and other stakeholders, and data analysis of the information obtained. will be carried out.

Our main audits on this subject can be summarized as follows:

  • Accounting corruption and fraud auditing,
  • Manager and employee fraud investigations,
  • Litigation and dispute counseling.

Error, Cheat, Corruption Check

As companies grow in a globalized economy and world, corporate dominance weakens. This lack of control can lead to the deliberate and unlawful depletion of corporate assets by malicious employees. These crimes are of great concern to corporate investors, rights owners, and law enforcement.

It is important that any assessment of whether a company’s assets have been reduced as a result of wrongdoing is made by an independent and impartial person with knowledge and experience in the matter.

Misstatements in financial statements may be the result of fraud or error. A key factor that distinguishes fraud or fraud from error is whether the conduct that caused the financial statement error was intentional.

An error is an unintentional misstatement in the financial statements that: B. Omission of Amounts or Disclosures.

fraud and misconduct involving one or more directors or executive officers; defined as an act. In either case, you may enter into non-disclosure agreements with third parties outside the company.

What independent auditors should consider regarding fraud and misconduct. There are two types of fraud and corruption arising from misappropriation of assets and fraudulent financial reporting. Fraudulent financial reporting intentionally misleads users of financial statements by omitting or misrepresenting amounts or disclosures that should be included in the financial statements.

Why Do We Audit?

The audits we conduct primarily ensure the protection of company assets. At the same time, we reduce and eliminate the incidence of fraud and fraud by company officials and employees. It is very important for companies to have a quality anti-cheat system in place. As a result, governments, investors and society at large have significantly increased confidence in companies, balance sheets and their partners.

Phases of Cheat Check

  • Getting to know the Business Culture,
  • Preparing red flag lists by identifying risks in companies (Opportunity, Pressure, Incentive, Justifying) and revealing them
  • Completion of working papers,
  • Recommendations for reporting fraudulent audit to Senior Management and preventing fraudulent transactions

Companies Benefits of Fraud Control

  • Helping protect company assets
  • Reducing and eliminating the tendency of company management and employees to commit fraud and irregularities.
  • Having a strong anti-fraud system in a Company increases the confidence of the Government, Investors and the whole society in the company, its financial statements and its partners.

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