Institutionalization Consultancy

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Institutionalization Consultancy… With rapid changes in technology and needs, businesses need change and progress. At this point, continuous improvement of business processes and organization is one of the most important tools for a company’s success. AG Audit Process Consultants help companies achieve their strategic and performance goals.

Institutionalization Process Management Consultancy

AG Audit process consultants enable companies to achieve their strategic and performance targets. It supports the company at every stage of the processes, from analysis to monitoring.

  • With its expert teams, it first examines the current status of all or a certain part of the business processes and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Processes are redesigned taking into account the development areas and opportunities identified in the processes.
  • AG’s international methodologies and good practices are used in the design phase of processes.
  • Helps increase process efficiency and improve process by optimizing work steps and number of employees.
  • Helps to use the performance management system within the scope of process management and to identify process key performance indicators.
  • Helps transform processes in line with changing and developing company goals.

What is Consulting?

Recommendations; this is a concept that includes interventions towards a given goal in many areas such as problem solving, decision making and organizational development in an organization. Recommendation; it is defined as a set of activities consisting of content, process, and procedural steps or an intervention process that includes an interpersonal approach and feedback. Consulting activity; it is based on voluntary relationships, is an independent service, a support process, a consultation, a problem-oriented process and a discontinuous relationship. Consulting activities provide an objective third eye for an organization, identifying organizational problems and examining their causes and solutions.

What is Process Consulting?

Process consulting; can occur on an individual, interpersonal, group or organizational level. In process counseling, counselors help group members develop skills such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, follow-up, and collaboration.

The consultative process; is based on connecting organizations, groups and departments to achieve common goals and objectives that have been set. Moreover, sharing values ​​and norms within the same system requires people to act together.

This is an independent help process required by the customer or executive within a specified time to identify the cause and solution to the existing problem and for the consultant to suggest alternative solutions according to their expertise. For consulting activities. It should clearly state what the role of the counselor is and what the mutual expectations and responsibilities of the client and counselor are. Building trust, exchanging ideas and collaborating between clients and consultants is critical to the smooth functioning of the process.

Contribution of Process Consulting to the Organization:

  • Organizational structure and organizational design changes,
  • The dynamics of interpersonal relationships,
  • Communication structure and scope,
  • Issues related to leadership styles,
  • Group problem solving on organizational, social and local issues,
  • The decision-making process,
  • Employee satisfaction measures,
  • Training and development,
  • Production can be listed as ensuring organizational effectiveness due to quality control.

Managers are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of established organizational processes. For example, in the communication process, managers need to ensure that the flow of information is horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, and that the required information is communicated in the required manner. If there are problems, we hire external consultants to analyze the process, identify problems, propose and implement solutions, and provide feedback. This consulting process involves investigating various problems within the organization and identifying solutions to them.

Institutionalization Consulting

Institutionalization consulting is the process of creating management and organizational structures that allow a legal entity to continue, develop and develop its activities without relying on the human factor. For businesses, institutionalization means low cost, efficiency, speed and sustainability.

Common Mind Management Consultancy, with its professional consultants, provides institutionalization consulting services for corporations based on practice and taking into account business realities.

Advantages of Institutionalization

  • The organization works more regularly, dynamically and systematically,
  • The business increases its competitiveness,
  • Easy to keep control,
  • Making mistakes is reduced to a minimum,
  • Achieving your goals becomes easier,
  • Authority, control and responsibilities are clear,
  • Time is used more efficiently for employers and managers,
  • Reveals different perspectives,
  • Budget and business plans are clearer,
  • Employer side and manager side time is used more efficiently.

95% of companies in Turkey are family businesses. Institutionalization of family businesses is of great importance for the stability of the economy. Our Management and Institutionalization Consultants explain the institutionalization process of family companies in Turkey.

What Does an Institutionalization Consultant Do?

Institutionalization is undoubtedly the main purpose of companies that do not change their business or industry. Institutionalization is beneficial for developing your business, creating markets, and building trust, as it provides direct trust to your prospective customer base. In addition, institutionalization helps companies or firms to provide more systematic and quality professional services. At this time, working with an institutionalization consultant is the most practical and lasting solution to help your business move forward.

What Does Institutionalization Do?

It will be beneficial in every sense for a company or business to have a corporate identity and move towards institutionalization. Even though Corporate Identity and institutionalization seem to complement each other, gaining a corporate identity is only one step of institutionalization. Discipline, dedication, healthy and dynamic thinking are the most important criteria for completing this process. The result is improved all processes, from business plan to performance and image. For example, it will further your work, especially in the following areas;

  • Working in a systematic and organized way
  • To increase competitiveness and to be permanent in the sector
  • Minimizing the risk of error
  • Rising with authority and responsibility
  • Giving buyers confidence
  • Capturing different perspectives and innovations
  • Utilizing the time well in the senior management part

Duties of the Institutionalization Consultant

Institutionalization consultants assist in setting up and maintaining the above systems. We guide you through the phases of the process, lead by example, organize the training you need, identify unseen or company-specific needs, and take action. It is very important for a company or business.

It creates a sense of responsibility in the company by signing a piece of work that aims to increase employee engagement and productivity. We also support the implementation of projects that are useful to management. By submitting the necessary reports to the Board, he collectively approves where changes are needed, maximizing the institutionalization process with a common mindset.

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