Masak Compliance Consultancy

Masak Uyum Danışmanlığı

Masak Compliance Consultancy… Our Masak Compliance Program Consultancy Service covers the stages of Current Situation Analysis and Improvement of Deficiencies within the framework of the articles specified in the Regulation.

Masak Compliance Consultancy

On September 16, 2008, Regulations Concerning Compliance Programs with Obligations to Prevent Money Laundering of Criminal and Terrorist Financing Proceeds (the “Regulations”) were published in Government Gazette No. 26999 and entered into force.

Finally, since 2008, 2010 and 2014, amendments to the Regulations have been made to amend the Regulations on Compliance Programs with Obligations to Prevent Money Laundering of Criminal Proceeds and the Financing of Terrorism, dated 3 March 2003. published in State Gazette No. 29657. /18/2016.

However, T.C.’s June 3, 2020 letter and January 21, 2021 draft regulation issued by the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Investigation Commission are open for comment.

With the further development of the Decree of 26 February 2021, the scope of the obligor to create a compliance program and appoint a compliance officer has been expanded.

Compliance Program

In line with the regulations; the requirements that financial, factoring, financial leasing companies, clearing houses, e-money institutions, portfolio management companies, licensed bodies and bullion brokers must meet are:

  • Managing internal audit activities
  • Establishment of corporate policy and procedures
  • Execution of risk management activities
  • Management of monitoring and control activities
  • Assigning a compliance officer and establishing a compliance unit
  • Execution of educational activities

What is Masak Compliance Program?

Masak   Compliance Program Our services include the stage of analyzing the current situation and remedying deficiencies within the framework of the provisions laid down by the regulations. A current situation analysis is carried out by assessing the organization’s compliance with the provisions within the legal framework.

Does Masak Control?

Conducting inspections when necessary, coordinating abroad, raising public awareness and increasing its sensitivity are also among its duties. T.R. There are also detailed regulations and instructions on the website of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

What does MASAK do?

The main duties of MASAK are to prevent the crime of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the spread of weapons of mass destruction, to conduct research on these, to develop measures and to process the collected information and present it to the necessary authorities.

Which Crimes Does MASAK Inspect?

To contribute to the positive development of our country in the economic, political and social spheres and to be a leading player in effectively combating “financial crime” which can be categorized as corruption, counterfeiting, qualified fraud and usury crime.

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