Cost Control System Consultancy

Maliyet Kontrol Sistemi Danışmanlığı

Cost Control System Consultancy… In today’s situation, as a result of increased competition and rapid technology development, shortened product lifecycles, and changing market conditions, companies are forced to take a strategic approach to the concept of cost to increase market share with little loss or profit. You can get out of the competitive environment.

Cost Control System Consultancy

Advice on cost control systems. The main added value that AG Audit brings to the companies it works with is the services it provides in the areas of cost control and reporting. Unfortunately, many restaurant and cafe operations do not have a proper costing infrastructure, so many parameters of profitability cannot be calculated. Therefore, he cannot find the answer to the above question. Advisory Board; experienced colleagues in restaurant and hotel management actively support calculations and budgeting, the lifeblood of the enterprise.

Financial System & Cost Control Consulting

  • Establishment of sales and stock tracking system,
  • Opening C/Hs with product and stock codes to the sales and stock tracking system,
  • Opening sub-accounts of the uniform chart of accounts,
  • Pre-accounting system arrangement working under a uniform chart of accounts,
  • Preparation of cash reports,
  • Opening supplier C/H’s,
  • Entering product recipes into the sales and stock tracking system,
  • Creating the financial statement,
  • Preparation of monthly, annual and quarterly budgets,
  • Creating financial and economic sub-reports for efficiency measurement,
  • Providing sales and stock tracking system trainings to the relevant personnel,
  • Providing cash management and pre-accounting training to the relevant personnel.

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