Capital Markets Law Consultancy

Sermaye Piyasası Kanunu Danışmanlığı

The Capital Market Legal Advice, AG Audit, advises listed companies or domestic and foreign companies subject to capital market law in their day-to-day operations, transactions and restructuring processes. Within this area; underwriting and selling products traded on listed companies, stock markets, equities, structured products, bonds, derivative transactions, and similar capital market instruments, and pursuing exemption, merger, acquisition, and sale transactions. . Conducting legal due diligence investigations, IPO and financing transactions for listed companies, conducting IPOs for private companies, performing the work and transactions required to apply for approval by the Capital Markets Commission, and preparing and executing other types of applications. through the office. The

AG Audit pursues complaints filed with the State Council regarding client disputes with the Capital Markets Commission. In addition, the firm has extensive experience providing legal advice to companies subject to capital market law. B. Intermediaries, Investment Firms, Real Estate Investment Trusts.

What is the Capital Market Law?

It determines the operating rules of the capital market, regulates/supervises the capital market and institutions within the law, protects the rights and interests of depositors investing in the capital market, and controls the market. ensure the fair and effective functioning of

Capital Market Law Consultancy

The ever-evolving Turkish capital market requires experience and knowledge of regulatory bodies’ regulations and practices. Our attorneys continue to update their knowledge in the face of changing capital market regulations while helping clients prepare and meet their obligations under capital market law. Legal advice reduces clients’ legal risk in complex capital markets transactions.

We advise issuers, brokers and regulators on a wide range of capital markets transactions, including equities, equity-related products, structured products and fixed income. In addition to advisory services in the area of ​​securities regulation, we also support our clients in structuring deals. We offer advice on a variety of topics including: • Structured Finance

  • Venture Capital/Venture Capital Investment Funds
  • Sukuk and Other Islamic Financial Instruments
  • Licensing of Capital Market Authorities
  • Provision of Advisory Services on Capital Market Regulations

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