Company Restructuring Consultancy

Şirket Yeniden Yapılandırma Danışmanlığı

Company Restructuring Consultancy… A business may face serious financial and operational problems due to economic fluctuations, sudden market changes, exchange rate fluctuations, changes in the competitive environment in the market, or management decisions. Such issues increase the need for liquidity and create significant liquidity problems in the short term.

Businesses may notice signs of trouble before a crisis hits, but for many reasons (for example, to forestall adverse market conditions), avoid seeking financial advice in haste. In most cases, there are solutions that can positively change the financial and operational landscape with timely and professional intervention.

Company Restructuring Consulting

AG Audit Corporate Finance, company restructuring consultancy provides services to companies facing financial problems and companies that fail to meet expected financial performance. Advise banks struggling with the credit process as they have trouble identifying problems and applicable solutions. Our local teams offer situation-specific solutions with national and international experience, while our global teams enable us to operate in many countries around the world.

Financial Restructuring

We offer the most appropriate restructuring and recovery options for companies in financial distress and banks whose shareholders and other stakeholders or customers are in financial distress:

For companies (or Banks whose customers are in financial difficulties);

  • If you have problems with company cash flow due to global and local economic conditions,
  • If you are in breach of financial commitments in credit documents or if you seem likely to encounter such a situation in the future,
  • If you are in high financial debt or have short-term cash crunch,
  • If your corporate structure is no longer compatible with your company activities,
  • You have concerns about the financial condition of your company and independent financial advisor service If you want to buy

The recent economic slowdown, rapid changes in market conditions, currency fluctuations, new entrants and management errors can put a company in serious financial and operational distress. Liquidity problems and limited cash flow may follow these situations. Our approach to financial restructuring helps management regain control and confidence of lenders and investors.

Cash Flow Analysis

In difficult financial situations, a company’s first step is to assess and forecast its short-term cash position (usually 13- or 17-week forecasts are made). Based on this, an analysis of the stakeholder positions will lead to consensus on next steps. It also supports preparation of cache countermeasures.

Independent Business Review

Bridge the gap between available and needed information by conducting business reviews for lenders and investors. The scope of work is determined by individual circumstances and may include strategic review, management review, analysis of past financial performance and position, review of business plans, and evaluation of restructuring options and actions.

Stakeholder Negotiations

We support management’s discussions with existing lenders and other stakeholders and advise on setting up new debt or debt financing.

AG Audit’s financial company restructuring advisory service for companies may include the following activities:

  • Identification of expectations and needs in restructuring
  • Determining the optimal capital structure
  • Structuring, evaluating and modeling alternative reconstruction scenarios
  • Preparation of the business plan and financial model
  • Support in the preparation of contracts and other official documents

Debt Advisory

With our debt advice team, we provide our clients with independent, creative, fast and high quality debt advice.

We provide advisory services in the areas of project finance, acquisition finance, asset-based finance, syndication, Islamic finance, working capital loans, non-cash loans, mezzanine floors, leasing, refinancing, loan restructuring, credit rating processes and hedging.

We provide services related to appropriate funding sources, financial modeling, analysis of financial structure, development of financial strategies, management of credit relationships, evaluation of alternative financing and negotiation of optimal credit documents, debt restructuring, refinancing and credit management. increase. Valuation process and exchange rate/foreign exchange. dry. Hedging interest rate risk.


Strategic assessment, financing structuring, working capital improvement, tax risk and opportunity analysis, cost reduction, capital expenditures and corporate acquisitions can all be summarized as the focus of the restructuring process.

As an AG audit, we will focus on each field, improve the quality of our services, and provide services that meet the needs of our customers. We bring together the experience of seasoned managers and clients who need restructuring or new investment processes in times of financial distress.

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