Foreign Capital Law Consultancy

Yabancı Sermaye Kanunu Danışmanlığı

A foreign legal consultancy company within the board of directors of AG Audit is a qualified and reliable company that provides commercial, legal and financial services necessary for advocacy services in Turkey to foreign individuals and institutions wishing to invest in Turkey. We provide consulting, advice and legal services. Provide information to investors, bring to the attention of relevant industry and government agencies, obtain the necessary work and residence permits for investors and employees according to the type of investment, and establish the legal and economic framework. Be prepared, do a due diligence report and make a decision on time. The best and lucrative type of investment for investing in analytical minds, credit and fundraising. achieve the purpose of building We are committed to doing our best with our business partners who are experts in various industries and topics to best meet the needs of our Turkish customers.

Consultancy services for foreign investor’s investments in Turkey;

  • Real person investor, legal person investor
  • Foreign direct investments
  • Investment costs
  • Foreign companies to establish a branch or liaison office in Turkey
  • Transactions of a foreigner becoming a partner in a company established in Turkey by purchasing shares
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Buying shares, becoming a partner
  • Obtaining a residence and work permit for foreigners in Turkey
  • Work permit applications of foreigners, temporary, indefinite and independent work permit
  • Disputes on social security of working foreigners
  • Acquisition of real estate by foreign capital companies
  • Acquisition of real estate by foreign legal entities in the context of Tourism Promotion Law, Turkish Petroleum Law, Natural Gas Market Law
  • Acquire Turkish citizenship by investment
  • Processes of buying, selling, renting real estate
  • Information on investment and tax advice, tax incentives and exemptions
  • Obtaining a potential tax number for the foreigner, obtaining a short-term residence permit
  • Preparation of all kinds of contracts such as company contracts, real estate sales promise contracts, real estate purchase and sale contracts, real estate lease agreements
  • The establishment processes of joint stock, limited, collective and commandite companies in Turkey are some of the areas we work on.

Foreign Capital Law Consultancy

AG Audit provides legal assistance in all transactions in Turkey to small, medium and large foreign investors wishing to invest in Turkey. Our law firm has been providing legal advice to foreign investors in their business and transactions in the Turkish market for many years, and has participated in many projects from the investment negotiation stage. We have made it possible to make investments in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth. Turkish law.

For foreign investors, according to the Turkish Commercial Code, foreign investors operating in different sectors according to their needs and fields of activity and by choosing the most suitable corporate structure, the company after the completion of legal incorporation Establishment of a Liaison Office to set up a liaison office to handle the day-to-day legal transactions of these companies and deal with judicial and administrative matters. Legal support for issues is also part of our service.

Foreign Capital Advisory

AG Audit, operating in Istanbul, is responsible for all kinds of transactions to be carried out by foreign capital companies within the Turkish legal system Foreign Capital Within the scope of its consultancy, it provides legal support to companies with foreign capital operating in our country or making investment plans.

Our office provides services in various areas such as: Public and limited companies, joint ventures, establishment of branches and liaison offices, activities in free zones, applications for all kinds of permits, licenses, concessions, incentives and related transactions, etc.

In addition, our attorneys provide advisory and representation services to foreign equity investors in relation to corporate governance, tax planning and tax dispute resolution, virtual enterprise operations, and internal corporate audits.

Detailed information and references to contact the staff of AG Audit Foreign Capital Advisors, who have been operating in Istanbul since 2005, providing high quality, innovative, effective and profitable solutions to their domestic and international clients. For more information, please visit our contact page.

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