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Copyright Actions, In the most general sense, non-registered copyrights such as patents, brand and design are copyright in Turkey. used as a right. The protection of copyright in Turkey is guaranteed by the National Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and the international BERN agreement.

Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846, works of art, scientific works, works, films, music, etc. About the Law. The work has a very wide area such as the internet and computer programs.

Copyright Actions Consultancy

AG Audit provides consultancy services under the following headings, primarily in the field of copyright protection, in the protection of computer programs, in the protection of intellectual projects such as business methods that cannot be protected by patents and designs;

Copyright Protection; Copyright protection covers many areas. Writing a book, a musical piece, or a movie script is also covered by copyright protection. While there is no registration requirement for copyright, it is possible to register with the Ministry of Culture in Turkey and the Copyright Office in the United States. KORDİNAT lawyers provide registration and consultancy services with lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys on whether an idea can be protected by copyright in Turkey, international protection, especially the licensed use of cartoon and movie heroes, internet domain name registrations.

Protection of Business Methods; All innovation activities patent, utility model and design rights. Some innovative innovations are based on business methods. For example, a new design can be made that can measure customer satisfaction, which is not technical but requires a new business approach. This design is difficult to protect patients because it does not contain a technical element. However, with the arrangements to be made, it must be protected as a business method, as know-how or by copyright. KORDİNAT provides professional advocacy services on system design and registration for the protection of business methods.

Protection of Computer Programs; Although the protection of computer programs in Turkey is within the scope of copyright, it can be covered by patents in countries such as America and Japan. It is not enough to try to copyright computer programs that are more or less associated with almost every industry. Although there are groups against it all over the world, the protection of computer programs by patents will affect Turkey over time. Over time, the results obtained with many computer programs based on business methods can be preserved in Europe and Turkey.

For the protection of computer programs, AG Audit first asks “Is the relevant program just a program or a part of a technical system?” he asks. A pure program like the accounting program and the CRM program, on the other hand, carries out the proxy procedures necessary for the effective protection of copyrights in Turkey. An electronic circuit may also be protected as a patent if it is part of a machine or a system. It implements these protection strategies in European Patent Office, American Patent Office, WIPO and Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Copyright Infringement analysis; Since copyrights are widely spread, copyright infringement analysis is also relevant to a wide range of professions. The analysis of whether a work is infringing copyright should not be left solely to that professional group (for example, to the composer if the copyright is a musical work) or simply to a lawyer. It is an important advantage to have people who are knowledgeable about intellectual property practices in copyright analysis. KORDİNAT carries out copyright analyzes especially on computer programs, working methods and visual design works through its expert attorneys.

Internet Domain names; The most used internet domain names in Turkey are .com and extensions. Both the registration of these domain names and the registration of domain names related to other countries and occupational groups may not be sufficient only with the transactions provided from the internet. If there is a trademark infringement when registering these domain names, it may result in the loss of rights that are difficult to recover later. On the other hand, managing proprietary domain names and fighting imitators requires a good command of trademark laws and other intellectual property protections.

AG Audit provides consultancy services for the initial registration, follow-up and management of internet domain names and legal disputes related to domain names.

What is Copyright?

Intellectual property is the general name given to the rights that protect intellectual products. These products that emerged with human intelligence; literature and works of art, computer programs, inventions, designs, etc. covers products.

Copyright is the right to use and disseminate any information or intellectual product to certain persons by law. In short, it is the right to allow an original creation to be copied or used. Its symbol is “C” in a circle, the letter © indicates that the work on which it is written is copyrighted and in English “copyright” indicates the word.

Intellectual and artistic works are protected by Law No. 5846. The purpose of this Law is to identify the producers of phonograms who make the first detection of sounds on their own products, producers and radio-television companies who make the first detection of films, and to make or interpret these works and to protect the moral and financial rights of the owners of works who create intellectual and artistic works and artists. To regulate the conditions of use of the products, to determine the sanctions in case of use contrary to the prescribed principles and procedures.

Copyrights Registration and Consultancy

A large amount of digital data is generated regarding innovative ideas developed in an increasingly competitive environment in the world. The economic value of intellectual property is constantly increasing. Copyright gives its owner a unique competitive advantage. Protecting this valuable data from breaches is as important as producing it. Efor Patent experts will always be with you to protect your copyrights.

The legal rights on the products created by the individual with all kinds of intellectual labor are called “Copyrights”. The English equivalent of the term copyright is Copyright and is represented by the symbol ©.

Everyone has the right to demand the protection of the benefits arising from any scientific, literary or artistic work that he owns (creates). Progress is not possible in a society where the products of creative thinking are not adequately protected. This protection is the duty of the state and is only possible with an effective intellectual property legislation. In Turkey, the rights of the author are protected by the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works.

In order to provide ease of proof and protect the right in the determination of copyright holders, registration-registration process is made based on the declaration and an official document is obtained.

In accordance with the principle of territoriality in copyrights; In which country the protection is requested, the protection conditions are determined according to the legislation of that country. The period of copyright protection in Turkey is for the lifetime of the author and 70 years after his death. If the author is a legal person, the protection period is 70 years from the date of introduction. With the expiration of the protection period, the financial rights granted to the owner of the business expire. Therefore, works whose protection period has expired can be freely used without the permission of the author.

Violation of copyrights may result in civil or criminal action. If requested by the court, a copy of the registration-registration document and the documents submitted during the application are submitted to the court by the General Directorate of Copyrights.

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