Trademark Registration Procedures

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Trademark Registration Procedures, trademark registries are intangible assets that communicate information about the product or service to the customers of the business. Since they are the most valuable assets of businesses, they must be protected by the trademark registration method.

Brand management is a long-term (12-18-24 months) service model. In most cases, brand management service is preferred during the development of the created brand.

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What is Trademark Registration?

Providers of products or services register trademarks for trademark signs they accept by filing a trademark application. What is meant as a trademark application is actually the application process for trademark registration. Trademark registration provides businesses with advantages in protecting their intellectual and industrial rights. Trademark registration means that the trademark is legally protected.

Which Brand Marks Are Eligible for Trademark Registration?

In cases where the subject to which the rights will be protected is clear and understandable, elements such as words, numbers, colors, forms that enable the brand’s products or services to be distinguished from others can be used for trademark registration.

Trademark Registration Procedures

We have stated that the trademark registration protects the usage rights of the trademarks. Every brand is produced, promoted, grows, peaks, saturates and declines. In order to prolong this brand life cycle, increasing brand imitations, especially during the growth period of the brand, violate the rights of the brand, harm the brand, shorten the production life and the total lifetime. For this reason, a trademark application must be made and a trademark registration certificate must be obtained.

What is Trademark Registration Class for Trademark Registration?

Trademark registration class is an accepted classification system to facilitate trademark registration processes. Services or products produced with the trademark registration class system are classified and separated. In order for the trademark to be registered by making a trademark application, the class to which the trademark is related must be determined correctly. Trademark registration class selections that cannot be made correctly cannot protect the rights of the trademark and cannot prevent the violation of trademark rights.

Trademark registration classes consist of a total of 45 classes, 34 for products and 11 for services. Trademark registration fee will vary for each preferred brand class. Trademark class correction processes are not included in the trademark registration application process. Therefore, the correct determination of the trademark registration class will provide optimum financial resource expenditure. Patent and trademark attorneys analyze the past, present and future of trademarks and make suggestions for the right trademark registration class.

What is Trademark Registration Certificate?

Trademark registration certificate is the official document issued by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for a registered trademark. Patent and at the end of the brand research and similarity research process carried out by the brand attorneys, the trademark made to represent the brand owners If the registration application is positive, the trademark owners receive a trademark registration certificate in the form of deed proving their trademark rights.

What Does the Trademark Registration Certificate Do?

The trademark registration certificate provides the registration owner the right to prevent trademark violations occurring outside the permission in the relevant registration classes for the products or services covered by the relevant registration registration. The registrant may transfer the right to use the trademark to others.

How Long Does the Trademark Registration Application Take?

After the trademark registration application is made, the registration period of the trademark varies according to the processing intensity of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The duration of official review and expert similarity research varies depending on many factors such as brand marks, product or service and institution density.

Trademark registration takes place within approximately 6 months from the moment that patent and trademark attorneys apply to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of the trademark owner for trademark registration.

How Long is the Trademark Protection Period Gained by Trademark Registration?

The protection of the trademark, which is the subject of trademark registration in the relevant classes, lasts for ten years from the date of application for trademark registration. Trademark registration is renewed every ten years. If the registration is renewed every 10 years, it continues to provide protection to its owner indefinitely.

When Does Trademark Registration Protection Start?

The start date of the trademark protection period is important for the use of the trademark. The trademark protection period starts from the date of the registration application of the trademark owners or patent and trademark attorneys on behalf of the trademark owners.

Is Trademark Registration Renewed?

Trademark registration is an official registration that protects trademark rights for 10 years. During this period, it prevents the trademark from being damaged by preventing any rights violations that may arise against the trademark. The trademark protection period, which starts with the trademark application, can be renewed after the end of the 10-year period by paying the trademark registration renewal fee.

Notified Before the Trademark Registration Period Expires

Turkish Patent and Trademark Office informs the owner of the registered trademark before the expiry of the period. However, the institution has no responsibility to provide information. In general, the follow-up of the trademark registration is done by the patent and trademark attorneys authorized by the trademark owners.

When to Renew Trademark Registration?

In order not to lose the rights that the trademark registration provides to the trademark owner, the renewal period of the trademark registration should not be missed. Otherwise, brands may experience serious losses. The request for renewal of the trademark registration must be made within six months before the last day of the month in which the protection period will expire. Trademark registration is renewed and trademark rights are protected.

I Missed the Trademark Registration Renewal Period! What Can I Do?

The nightmare of brand owners is losing the usage rights of their brands. Because losing the right to use the brand means that your brand is open to all kinds of threats. In cases where you miss the trademark registration renewal period, you can make your renewal request within six months from the last day of the month in which the protection period expires, by paying an additional fee.

The Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • The trademark’s legal rights are its sole property; The name or logo of the brand cannot be used in any medium without the permission of the right owner.
  • Material and moral interests, reputation and brand image of the business arising from the brand are protected.
  • The use of the trademark by different businesses, that is, trademark infringement is prevented. Material and moral damages that may arise from possible violations are prevented, and legal actions can be taken when necessary.
  • Thanks to the Trademark Registration Certificate, companies can combine their products under a single brand.
  • After the trademark registration, businesses acquire the right to advertise in legal channels. Thus, the chance of the brand to reach wider audiences increases.
  • Sales are supported by increasing brand awareness through marketing and advertising activities.

Brand Management Consulting

  • Branding is a Strategic Process. We determine the Brand Management Process together according to your brand’s needs, strategies and goals.
  • We perform the planning and budgeting of marketing activities.
  • We determine and finalize the needs of the brand in terms of corporate identity.
  • We do competitor analysis.
  • We are planning training programs on the creation of company brand awareness.
  • We examine the industry reports in which the brand operates and keep you informed of the developments.
  • We make strategic suggestions to increase profitability in coordination with the Sales and Marketing Department.

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Brand Registration Consultancy

As AG Audit;

  • We aim to ensure that your unique brand, which you have created with creativity, will achieve results with strategic, fast, clear and correct directions.
  • We always act in cooperation with our customers during trademark registration consultancy.
  • We offer a complete end-to-end service from research to strategy creation, implementation to follow-up and implementation.

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